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Because Quality of Movement Matters

Why Soothing Hands Equine Therapy is different from other massage therapists and body workers!

While massage is the main modality used, it is the Soothing Hands Equine Massage Method that is different. I go places on the horses where other therapists don't and/or can't go; clients who have used other therapists have told me so. I have over 50 years of horse experience and training, as well as 20 years as a full time equine massage therapist. Most of the early years were concentrated on Thoroughbred racehorses, and Grand Prix Jumpers, with a mixture of other disciplines thrown in; what a training ground those years were! They allowed me to work with vets, chiropractors, acupuncturists, plus practitioners of other modalities, and all sorts of machines for healing damaged horses. It was an opportunity that few people get, because I learned what each modality, and product could or couldn't do, and taught me what behaviours were caused by pain, training, personalities, or genetics.

The main thing I learned was why massage was so important to improving and maintaining horses, and what massage could do for horses that no other modality, exercise program, machine, or rest can do! The two most important things that only massage can do for horses is to release muscle spasms, and loosen up adhesed muscles fibers. Those two problems are usually the ones that can end up causing the most difficult training and behavioural problems for riders.

Over the last 10 years or so, I developed my specific method of massage (which I teach you in clinics),and chose to add the use of laser and AcuLife patches. Both tools are based on using light to reduce inflammation and to promote healing very quickly. Just like the tools I chose to use, I see all other therapies and therapists as allies in helping me to achieve my mission; to ensure that every horse who has a job to do has the quality of movement necessary to get it done comfortably! 

What to Expect From a Session

Typically I start all visits by observing the horse at rest and moving, either in hand or free if possible, and sometimes under tack.

At the first visit there is more information to be gathered:

  • a gait analysis (usually in hand, or on the lunge, occasionally under tack)
  • history of previous job and health issues, as well as any accidents or falls
  • evaluate feet, teeth, chiropractic issues, tack fitting,
  • determine the type of riding that was done in the past, what is being done presently, and what is expected to be done in the future

While working on the horse I'm listening to what they are telling me; through what I feel under my hands, and what I feel in my soul, from their soul energy to mine. The Soothing Hands Equine Massage Method is all about connecting with the horse physically and emotionally, because comfort at both levels allows horses be truly comfortable doing their job, with true quality of movement.

The horses taught me over the years the importance of identifying the root cause of the problem so we can make the best decision for the horse and owner as to how to progress to make the horse comfortable as quickly as possible. Whatever your horse may need I will help guide and support you as best I can, because I am about helping horses and their owners have an enjoyable relationship.